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We believe it is our moral obligation to preserve nature. By doing our bit for the environment we give back to the earth and the future generations to come.

On this platform we will bring to light the heroes that contribute to making the world a greener, healthier place to live in and create a platform of gratitude and celebration!


Samriddhi Srikanth is an engineer by qualification, who chose not to enter the corporate world and has joined the world of entrepreneurship instead. While handling the marketing and the retail space of Fiora Designs Hyderabad, she is also the editor of  this blog, The Knights of Nature.  


Sonali Srikanth, a lover of plants and flowers has been in the space of aesthetics for the last 25 years. She has worked with a number of Architects and Interior designers. This blog is her way of expressing gratitude to the heroes who make a difference through their designs, one project at a time.

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