THE DYNAMIC DUO – Pallavi & Ravi Anchuri


ANCHURI DESIGN WORLD started by this couple is one of the most renowned design firms in Hyderabad. With a great many prestigious works under their belts, this family run business is one of the oldest in the city!

Tell us about what you do and what your work is like

We are into Architectural, Interior Designing of Commercial, Residential and Institutional areas.

What have been some of your most prestigious works? Projects you enjoyed doing?

Apart from Residential Villas / Bungalows/ Flats, Clinical Research Centers for Wockhardt Hospitals, Aurobindo pharma and Nicolas Piramel group, Convention Centers like Classic Convention Three , BMR Sartha Conventions etc. Standlaon Showroom Inch by Inch. Ramanarayanam Srimadhad Ramayana Pranganam @ Vizianagar, AP are some of the works we have done.

Tell us about your professional journey. How did you start?

We started our professional journey 25 years ago. Pallavi joined me (Ravi) 23 years ago after we got married and achieved this professional position. Both of us are very much active in IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers) have worked and are working on various portfolios at the MC at Hyderabad Chapter and at National Level.

What is the best advice you have received that has impacted your life/work?

Our Life Principles: Keep Creating and Work with Positivity and with Sincerity. Be Punctual. Live a Disciplined life. And Enjoy what you do!

What would be one advice you want to share with our readers?

Follow your Life Principles, which will give satisfaction of Life.

How important is it for you to integrate greenery in your projects?

In every project we design, based on its demand, we use the and allocate the space for greenery for SURE. 

Do you consciously create green spaces in your projects?

Our Convention Center projects have more 50% of the total Land used for Greenery / Landscaping. 70% Ramanarayanam Project is Green and Landscape.

What is your personal take on the impending environmental crisis 

As we are in the profession of creating beautiful spaces, it’s our responsibility to consider the environment in our design and use of green, eco-friendly materials and techniques in our implementation.

Your contribution is so great, do you feel good about being able to contribute and make it a breathable world?

Yes, we feel good when we are successful in implementing the required Green concepts. Each one of us as designers and end users, we should all consciously adopt these concepts.

What initiatives do you think we as a community should take to make a greener world?

We always make few implementations mandatory  like Rain Water Harvesting, Use of Local resources for material, Use of Solar Energy, Use of Natural Sunlight by providing Skylights, Pyramids etc.

Tell us about your journey.

Ravi : I have been practicing this profession for the last 25 years now. 

Pallavi : Born in a family of architects, and married to a family of architects. Enjoying this creative profession since 23 years. And now as my daughter is also studying architecture, seeing her, I get reminded of my journey when I was in college.

How did you know that this was the career for you? 

Ravi : Found this field interesting while studying.. 

Pallavi : I was always interested in this profession as my grandfather was a fine arts graduate and my father was an Architect.

What would you tell your 18 year old self?

Ravi :Good that you chose the profession in which you are interested and love working for.

Pallavi : Work hard, be patient, be true to yourself. 

What are some lessons you have learnt for your personal life from your profession

Being married to an architect my personal life and professional life always go together. Our daughter too is pursuing the same profession. We can not explain where our personal life ends and professional life starts. Enjoying both the lives together. 

If not a designer/ID/architect/builder what would you do?

Ravi : Product Designer or a Photographer.

Pallavi: Singer or an Artist.

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